Today I am going to be reviewing 2 products from the awesome folks over at ‘Slice Products’.  Here I have the Safety Cutter and Letter Opener. 

Safety Cutter –

The safety cutter is a small green knife, it has a soft matte finish to it; this is very nice however can feel slippy. It has a magnet in it and also a small hole to put it on your keys. The blade is very small and is barely visible; however it is very sharp and can cut through plastic, paper and other materials; it is especially good for getting those shrink wraps off the box. It is very sharp and can cut plastic with ease however it very safe and cannot cut skin which is why its the ‘Safety’ cutter. This is ideal for younger children or people with disabilities.  I find myself using this cutter on a daily basis; its very nice to use and I love using it. The packaging is very simple but is hard to get in. This retails for $5.99.

Letter Opener –

The letter opener is a small green plastic piece of ingenious. It has the same feel as the Safety Cutter however doesn’t have the little hole to put on your keys. Again the blade is very small and very sharp. This is ideal for anyone that hates opening letter with their hands and getting those small paper cuts; I am one on those people so I love this product even more! I use this product every time I get a letter and I love using it. It is so simple to use and does what its supposed to do. The packaging is very simple but can be hard to get in to. This retails for $5.99.

Buy the Safety Cutter here and the Letter Opener Here!

I would like to thank Slice for sending me these products out for review.