Today I am going to be reviewing ‘BodyGuardz – Carbon Fiber Skin for HTC Wildfire S’.

So this comes in a very nice style of packaging with a pull tab on the back to open it; this is a very smart design which is very nice to open. In the package you get 6 things; the first of which is the carbon fiber skin for the back of your device, a front screen protector for your device, a plastic squeegee, an instruction manual, a micro fiber cloth and a moist wipe. The squeegee and micro fiber cloth are both very high quality and are both very nice too use.

The front screen protector is VERY thick and high quality, this is nice to see and feels as if though would be able to protect with ease; however this is not the case, it is very hard to apply and once is on is horrible and hard to use your touch screen; and for it being a ‘protector’ it doesn’t protect your screen AT ALL! I did a scratch test with a blunt knife and the blade went straight through and scratched my screen.

The actual skin for the back of the device is very nice and went on the phone very easily; once it was on it stayed on and  no bubbles or peeling occurred. I love the feel of the carbon fiber and give my phone a fantastic look and have been asked multiple time what it is.  I also did a scratch test on this with the exact same knife as the one used on the screen protector and it protected my phone perfectly which is changed my mind about Body Guardz.

When a blunt knife scratched through my screen protector and onto the screen my estimation on the company was very low but when I thought it through and realized I didn’t pay for the screen protector I felt a little better about the company.

Overall, I love the back skin for my HTC however the screen protector is horrible and wouldn’t recommend using it.

I would like to thank Body Guardz for sending me this product for review.

Purchase this skin here.