Today I will be reviewing the ‘Speck Pixel HD Skin for iPod Touch 4G’.

This is a hard black plastic skin for the iPod Touch 4th Generation. It has all the cut outs and has a very nice squared texture which not only gives you protection but also comes with a great stylish look!

It has one large cut-out on the bottom for the dock connector and the speaker and one cutout for the back facing camera; both of these cut outs are perfect and can still be used perfectly without a problem. The sleep/wake button and volume buttons are covered however are still fully usable.

This does give your iPod a lot of protection from drops and scratches, it has a small lay on the table design which helps as Speck does not include any type of screen guard for your device; this would have been nice too see.

The packaging is the same as all of the Speck products; it has a card outer packaging and a plastic inner packaging.

This case retails for £24,95 over at

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