Angry Birds: SpaceAngry Birds: Space is the latest instalment of the bird flinging iOS game. In this new version the whole game has been overhauled. The Physics are completely different. Instead, birds and pigs and broken bits of stage pirouette through the cosmos in complete weightlessness. 

The characters have been changed as well. The entire cast has undergone a transformation, and most birds have new powers. Red can spy the optimal flight path to cause maximum destruction, while Yellow has a Geordi La Forge-style uni-goggle to plan laser-guided attacks on pigs.

Blue still splits into a flock threesome. Big Brother (now “The Incredible Terence”) is just a great big wrecking ball. Bomb Bird, on the other hand, has a heat shockwave that incinerates everything in his blast radius. The all-new Ice Bird freezes enemies solid.

Angry Birds: Space will be available for download on March 22nd 2012 for iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

Here is the official Angry Birds: Space Trailer: