Today I have the review of the ‘Ministry of Sound 005 Headphones’.

These headphones are very minimal and light weight; this is a good thing however the build quality doesn’t feel as good.

Design –

The design of these headphones are very nice, very light weight and very comfortable to ware.  The head band is super thin yet flexible so wont be a problem for those with a bigger head.  The cable is very good quality and also has a small coil closer to the top the cable could with stand a lot; however would have been nice to see an anti-tangle cable. The cups are metal and have a very nice sturdy feel to it, they have a nice texture and sit on the ear comfortably.

Packaging –

The packaging is very nice and displays clearly what is in the box. It is made from card and plastic so isn’t the best for the environment. The packaging is hard to get into but this isn’t a big issue for myself.  The only thing in the box is the headphones themselves no added goodies or any paperwork.

Sound –

The sound these headphones produce is surprisingly excellent; the bass is amazing and the mids and lows aren’t too bad either. I listened to many different genres of music with these headphones including dub-step, electric, rock, pop, R&B among others they all sounded great with these headphones especially the electric and dub-step type of songs.

Overall I really like these headphones for there light yet flexible design and there awesome sound. I would give these headphones a solid 8/10 and would recommend these to any music listeners out there!

These headphones retail for £19.95 at

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