Today I have the review of the ‘Schatzii Cleaning Cloth – Kung Pow’.

As you probably know by now this is a cleaning cloth. This cleaning cloth is a very thick, high quality cleaning cloth which feel very well made. It is made out of 2 materials, one side has a piece of artwork (choose from there range) and the other has the micro fiber feeling cloth its self; this is the side that cleans your screen. You can get this cloth in many different collections including the following; Sugar Lounge, The G6 Collection, Jetsetta and the Naughty but nice collection; all of these have a different range of cloths for you taste. My favorite collection is the G6 collection however I am reviewing the Kung Pow cloth from the Naughty But Nice collection. This cloth can be used for many different things including your iPod/iPhone/smart phone screen, your tablet screen, your computer screen, you TV screen, your handheld games consoles and even your glasses. Now this cleaning cloth cleaned things very well, my iPod,iPad desktop screens and TV are dust and finger print free! The cloth size is 5×7 inches so not too small or too big. These clothes retail for $11.99 or only $9.99 when you buy 2 or more! Buy 2 or more and you also get free shipping! If you wish to purchase your own Schatzii Cleaning cloth use my discount coupon at checkout! Just enter ‘SwagRag’ and you will get 10% off your order! Order your Kung Pow cloth here!

I would like to thank Peter from Schatzii for sending me this product out for reviewing purposes.