Today I am reviewing the ‘Green Onions Supply AG2 Anti-Glare Screen Protector for iPad 2 ‘.

This truly is one of the best screen shields I have ever used for any device! It has a perfect feel not to much matte or too glossy; just right. I found my fingers gliding over my iPad  display with ease and stickiness which you would normally get with a glossy screen shield wasn’t there.

There are about 5-6 steps to applying this shield but honestly FOLLOW THEM ALL; its defiantly worth it; I thought it was all hassle and wouldn’t help but following the steps made it much easier in the end.

In its packaging you get a couple things, the screen shield, a small sample of there competitors shield, a cloth and a dust removal screen.

The commercial sample of their competitors screen shield really does fall behind in this; there was lots of glare and a kind of rainbow effect; I didn’t experience any of this with the Green Onion shield.

Although you don’t buy this for the cleaning cloth it is a great add on to this package; it truly does help a lot and it very high quality, I was amazed with not only the shield but also how well the cleaning cloth worked.

The dust remover is a great addition and also a great idea, I have never seen another company include this and was very thankful that Green Onion added this; using this before applying the screen shield really does make a difference and helps a lot.

Overall I was was very pleased and shocked on how well this works and would recommend this to anyone! I plan to buy another one soon! This specific shield retails for $21.99 and is worth every single bit of that.

I would like to thank Joseph from Green Onion for sending me this product out for reviewing purposes.

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