Today I have the review of the ‘YOFO Smart Grip for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most smart phones’. So what is the YOFO Smart Grip? The YOFO Smart Grip is the only ergonomic kickstand, video gamer, headphone wrap, hands free cradle, photo stabilizer and speaker phone grip on the market. It is a very unique smart product which comes in handy and helps in many different situations. 

The packaging for the YOFO Smart Grip is very nice indeed, made out of thick high quality cardboard and with a clear plastic window displaying the YOFO. On the back of the box you see the different things the stand can do including the following, ‘Yo-Stand pedestal, joystick for gaming, Yo-Exec 1 hand faster for texting/taking pictures, Yo-Cradle hands free cradle, Yo-Bling speaker phone ring/grip, Yo-Kick viewing video stand, Yo-Wrap headphone wrap and Yo-Pad tilted work pad’ it also has the contents of the box; which is 1 YOFO and 2 stickers. On the 2 sides of the box it has the YOFO logo and the stand, it has branding on the top and bottom, and on the front it has their logo a small plastic window as well a short sentence of what this thing can do.

The YOFO is made out of a high quality rubber, it has a whole in the middle for your headphone jack and has 2 suction cups, one to stick to your device and the other to stick to the surface. When I first opened the box and saw the stickers I thought they where just for show, I then tried the YOFO on my iPod with a textured case and it didn’t stick, after reading the back of the box you have to stick the sticker onto the device to use the YOFO, you only have to use the stickers if you have a curved back of a case in use, removing my case and using the YOFO worked fine but using the sticker made it easier to use without taking my case off.

I found myself using the YOFO in many situations and it did help! My Mum used it in the car, she stuck her iPhone onto the dash and used it that way, I stuck it onto my desk and used it as a pedestal, I used the headphone wrap a lot, I also used the Yo-Exec feature for taking picures! I did try out the other one like the Yo-Pad but they just wasn’t as practical as the other ones!

I see myself using this for time to come and and can see this helping me. You can get the YOFO in both black and white and I have both here; I can honestly say they both look as good as each other, although If I had a white device I would opt into getting the white version and vice verse. You can buy the YOFO for a reasonable price of $19.95.

I would like to thank John from YOFO for sending me this great product out for reviewing purposes!

Buy the YOFO here now!