Today I have the review of the ‘Proporta Beach Buoy’.

This is a 100% waterproof bag for your device, this isn’t for one specific device as it works for, iPod, iPhone, other smart phones and cameras, not only electrical devices this can also hold money or keys. I said this was 100% waterproof but that is only guaranteed down to a certain depth [5meters or 16ft] which is plenty enough for use around a swimming pool or at the beach. This wont only protect against water but sticky hands and sand, this is great for those warm summer days down by the sea or for use in your swimming pool; heck you could even use this in the shower to listen too music.

The bag is made out of 2 different materials, a clear plastic and another kinds of material which I am not quite sure of. Your device is still usable through the bag; I was able to use all the buttons and the touch screen on the device while in the bag; however the touch screen didn’t work while under water; you can still hear music while in the bag which is great! The bag has a string which allows you to tie it do your backpack or wear it around your neck. I tried EVERYTHING with this pouch, the camera even works while under water; it works brilliantly; just like there bag isn’t there.

There isn’t really any packaging to this; just comes attached to a piece of card. The bag retails for £19.95.

There is no need to worry about any water seeping in as it is sealed with 2 very tight zippers and a val-crow. The 2 zippers are very hard to do up and un-do; this means your device is completely safe.

Below I have some pictures and of the bag being tested to the max!

I would like to thank MobileFun for sending me this product out for review.

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