How To Use Instagram On Your Laptop Or Desktop!

Update 6th February 2013:

Instagram Web FeedInstagram themselves have released the Web Feed on their website. This allows you to like, comment and view photos from the people you are following. You cannot however upload photos, you still have to use the mobile app.

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Do you want instagram for your non running android or iOS device?

So lets talk about instagram for your laptop pc or browser! this website allows you to use instagram from your device if you aint running android or IOS.

The website mimics the instagram applications a lot with all the controls and actions we can do its a really nice website.

The website is in beta mode at the moment but soon to be fully functional very soon.

Most of the functions work the only on i found that hasn’t is the tweeting method from time to time it does work though.

I do like luxogram very much and think you guys should check it out if you havent experienced instagram or use it daily.One thing i would like to d is upload images directly from my computer to my account the website lacks that function at the moment.

Check the image below to be directed to the website!


7 thoughts on “How To Use Instagram On Your Laptop Or Desktop!

    • you can’t, instagram doesn’t allow api users to use the photo upload api. You can only upload photos from the mobile phone apps 🙂

    • You can only upload photos through the mobile app, but some people want to see their Instagram feed on their computer because it is easier.

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