Today I have the review of the ‘Scosche Folio p2 for the iPad 2. It’s a folio case for the iPad 2 with multiple viewing angles.

The packaging is simple, made out of card and clear plastic to display what is the box. It also has a small circle cut out of the plastic so can feel the material of the case.  There are three things in the packaging, the leather case its self, a product survey and a instruction guide.

The case is made out of a very high quality leather, the inside is lined with suede ‘fro enhanced protection’, this material feels very nice and would protect you iPad for any drops or scratches. It has a folio style so the case will also protect the screen while on the go. The case allows 3 different stand positions however the landscape position can go in four angles which allows you too use it for typing, viewing, and playing all in one position.  So the other positions you can use are portrait, and low angle typing.

The case allows full access too all ports and switches which is a huge bonus as some case dont and you would have to remove it to charge. It has 2 cutouts on the bottom, one for the speaker and one for the dock connector, it has one large one on the top for the sleep wake button and microphone and it also has a large one going all the way down the side for the volume rocker and mute switch. It also has a cutout on the back for the camera. All of the cutouts are perfect and work with ease.

After using this case for 4 days I feel it would protect my device from both drops and scratches and am happy to carry on using it.

There are many pros to this case however I cant find a fault. The cutouts are all perfect and work fine, the case has a fantastic feel and look. It not only feels good but it also looks good! All of the viewing angles work and work properly without toppling over.

I have this case in Black leather you can also get it in White leather, white carbon or black carbon. I would rate this case 9/10. This case retails for £37.95, this is quite steep however for what you get it is a great price.

I would like to thank MobileFun for sending me this product out for reviewing purposes. Check out there other iPad 3 covers.