The Flygrip is a smartphone accessory available at for $29.95. It comes in a range of colours from white to light blue.

The Flygrip is an accessory that attaches to the back of any smartphone or case, and then allows you to slip two fingers into the grip and then lets you use your smartphone with one hand.

At first the Flygrip may seem like another pointless smartphone accessory but after using it for more than 10 minutes I fell in love with it. It’s simplistic design along with it’s awesome features makes it a well worth accessory.

Attaching it to your smartphone is easy. You peel off the adhesive pad on the back of the Flygrip and stick it to the back of your smartphone or case. It works will all kinds of cases and smartphones which makes is not just an iPhone exclusive accessory.

You remove the clip off the back and slide two fingers into it and then it is safely attached to you. It is so light you forget it is there.

It also doubles as a kickstand, portrait or landscape. You pull out the clip and place inside the slot on the back.

GoodWith the multiple colour choices and the cross-compatibly makes the Flygrip a worthwhile purchase. Using it in daily life is great too, I found it alot easier to send texts and tweet with one hand whilst using the Flygrip and you really don’t feel it on your hand after a few minutes. Overall it is a great accessory, it adds more uses to your phone with little bulk and just looks great. Go get it at for $29.95, it’s awesome!