Today I have the review of the ‘MiLi Power Spring 4 External Battery Pack for iPhone 4/4S – 1600mAh’.

So here I have an external battery pack for the iPhone 4 or 4S, most battery pack are connected to the device through a cable; this is one is different, its a battery case. The case has cutout for everything; back camera, headphone jack, sleep/wake button, volume buttons and speakers; the dock connector is covered, everything else can be use while the device is in the case.

The packing is good; it comes is a hard plastic case with a small slip of paper saying that the flash may be effected while this case is in use, and the USB to charge the case when its low.

The case is very easy to put on the iPhone, pull the top section down slide the phone and and push the top part back up onto the phone. The case is glossy black which is one of its main downfalls.  On the right hand side of the case is a small button and a LED section, press the button and the light indicator comes on too show the case has battery and is ready to be used.

The case adds A LOT of bulk; it makes the iPhone about double the thickness of what it is originally, this case also adds some weight; not too much however it is really noticeable.

When 1 LED it lit there is <25% when there are 2 LED’s lit up there is 25-50% battery, when the 3rd LED lights up there is 50-75% battery and when all 4 LED’s light up there is 75-100% battery. When charging the case with the iPhone in it the iPhone will be fully charged first then the case will be charged after.

With this case on you can get up to 360hrs standby time, up to 6hrs talk time on 3G, 10.6hrs internet use on WI-FI, up to 36hrs music time and up to 10.6hrs of video watching time, this case will give you enough time to do whatever you need until you can charge your device.

I wouldn’t really use this case all of the time (only when needed on a trip or an emergency). There are 3 main cons too this case; the first being you cannot connect your dock connector to your phone while using this case, the second being the flash is affected when using this case and the last being it adds so much bulk to the iPhone. Of course there are some pros the this case, it charges you battery, and there are no cables while charging your phone. This case retails for £39.95 on the MobileFun website.

I would like to thank MobileFun for sending me this product out for review! Check out their other iPhone 4S Accessories and their iPhone Cases.

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