Mojang’s latest game, Minecraft Xbox Edition, will hit the Xbox Live Arcade on May 9th for 1600 Microsoft Points. Here is the official trailer, and more information will be after the break.

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Boxart

Here is a list of the differences between the PC version and Xbox 360 version:

For the most part the Xbox 360 edition of the game is identical to the PC edition, but has several notable differences and features:

  • The player can optionally make use of Xbox Kinect functionality to assist in their gameplay, although Kinect functionality is not available at launch.
  • The Xbox 360 edition doesn’t make use of the standard crafting interface as in the original version, but still has similarities to the PC’s 2×2 and 3×3 crafting grids. The interface doesn’t require the Player to place items in the correct place in a crafting menu, but simply shows the blocks required to craft the selected item, and crafts it if the Player has enough blocks.
  • The game features split-screen functionality. 4 players in split screen, as well as the possibility to play 8-person online multiplayer game modes in split-screen.
  • Mods, Texture Packs and extra player skins will be available much later.
  • The Xbox 360 edition includes a tutorial mode not included in the PC version of the game. This tutorial leads the player through the basics of mining and placing blocks, crafting as well as building their first house to survive the night (video).
  • You always begin a new world with a map.
Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Screenshot (Credit: Xbox Marketplace)

The Xbox 360 will be the sole provider for Minecraft, so sorry PS3 Minecraft fans you will have to stick to the PC version.

I am really excited for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and I can’t wait to be able to play with 7 other friends online in our own Minecraft server.

Check out Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition on the Xbox Marketplace or on your Xbox 360 on May 9th!