Today I have the review of the STM Skinny case for iPad 2, this is a super thin case which can also me used as a stand; this is one of the main focal points of this case.

So as said this case is super thin however will still protect your iPad decently! I is made of a very nice material; not 100% percent of what it is, some sort of fabric. The inside is lined with a soft microfiber material to protect your screen. The case also turns into a stand; two different positions which is very helpful and makes this case much better than it already was. It can go into a low typing position and also a higher angle for watching movies or viewing your photo stream.

This case also has the same feature as the ‘Apple Smart Cover’ as is has the magnetic sleep/wake feature when you open or close the cover. The microfiber lining inside seems to attract some dust and doesn’t really help clean the screen in anyway; this would have been a nice added touch.

The case is shut wit ha little strap tucked under another piece of fabric; this is the worst thing about the case. I hate the fact every time you finish with your iPad you have too tuck it back under for the case too be shut; it feels like its one more thing you have too do. This would have been the perfect case if it had a magnetic button instead.

All of the cut-outs for the case are perfect no defects at all! Has one large on on the top for the lock button and headphone jack, one cutout on the side for the volume button and rotation/mute switch, one large one on the bottom for the dock connector and speaker and one on the back for the camera. All of these work without a problem.

Overall this case is very nice and do plan to carry on using it; it could have some minor changes made to it but apart from that this case is perfect and meets every need; I have no trouble recommending this case. I would rate this case a 7/10.

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