Windows 8 Desktop UI
Windows 8 Desktop UI (Credit: Building Windows 8)

Microsoft’s next operating system Windows 8 has been in development for a long time and now Microsoft is finalising the design of the desktop UI. Pictured above is a screenshot from Building Windows 8 blog and it shows are rather simple Windows 8 desktop.

Microsoft today posted a very long entry on the design of Windows, the UI and what Windows 8 will be like. The important part was the information about the desktop UI of Windows 8.

Microsoft has gotten rid of the areo-glass approach and replaced it with a nice flat, sleek UI. I personally love it. Yes I have been using Windows my whole life but Microsoft seems to be going in the right direction. I love the aero-glass design in Windows Vista and 7 but I always opted for the more baisc approach as I didn’t like the effects that much.

With the Metro UI coming into play now, Microsoft is unifying the experience between the Windows 8 start screen and the good old Desktop. Microsoft is calling the final product the application of the “principles of ‘clean and crisp,'”

The Release Preview of Windows 8 is coming in early June so I’m really excited to finally try Windows 8.

Have you tried Windows 8? or don’t you like Windows 8?

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