A tester for  Traveller’s Tales Games tweeted a picture of an updated Wii U Tablet Controller complete with a few alterations.

Updated Wii U Controller
Updated Wii U Controller (Source: Twitter/MATTYBOOSH)

The controller sports Wii U branding, actual analog sticks (rather than analogue circle pads) and moved Start and Select buttons.

Whether the revised controller is a development model or the final design remains unclear. Nintendo is yet to comment and the image has since been removed from Twitter.

Nintendo will unveil the console’s final hardware and specifications at this year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, where the device will be present and playable.

Official Wii U Controller
Official Wii U Controller (Credit: Nintendo)

I’m really excited to see what Nintendo will do with the Wii U and I can’t wait till it is released, can you?

[Source: DigitalSpy]