Lumia 800's Batman Theme
Lumia 800’s Batman Theme (Credit: T3)

The UK phone seller, Phones4u, will sell a limited edition of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7 Device the Lumia 900. The phone will be Batman themed and looks really awesome.

Phones4u told Pocket-lint that the device will arrive in the UK, Germany and France, but didn’t specify just how many would be in stock.The device itself sports a Batman logo etched into black polycarbonate shell following the released of The Dark Night Rises in July.

This will be Nokia’s second phone to be sporting a Batman costume after the Lumia 800 in December 2011.

However, while there were only 40 of those devices created worldwide, it looks like there may be a few more on offer for the 4.3-inch Lumia 900.

[Source: Pocket-Lint]