Chromebook and Chromebox
Chromebook and Chromebox (Credit: Google)

Google has now confirmed the release of the new Chromebook and the Chromebox, a desktop experience of Chrome OS.

Samsung has built both devices, each with a sleek form factor and a compact size. The Chromebook has a small 12.1inch screen spanning 1280×800 pixels. It weighs in at 1.48kg. Has 2 USB2.0 ports and a 4 in 1 SD Card reader. A custom chrome chick let keyboard  featuring browsing buttons like back, forward and refresh. An ok 4GB ram and an Intel Atom  N570 Processor. A HD web cam and built in WiFi and/or 3G.

The Chromebox, it’s desktop equivalent and has pretty much the same specs but just has 6 USB2.0 ports, Bluetooth and a single link DVI output.

It’s not just the hardware that has been updated, Chrome OS has had a few tweaks too.

Chrome OS Apps
Chrome OS Apps (Credit: Google)

The UI has been changed so there is a ‘desktop’. There aren’t any desktop icons though, just icons similar to the Windows 7 Superbar. Chrome is pinned by default but you can add more apps by a click of a mouse. The apps screen has the feel of Mac OS 10.7 Lion’s launchpad just more spread out.

Window managing has been updated too. Instead all tabs are now a separate window but you can drag them across and add them too each other.  You can snap windows to the left and right of the screen, similar to Windows 7.

Chrome OS Windows Managing
Chrome OS Windows Managing (Credit: Google)

You can get the updated devices online now from Google’s official mini site,, prices start from £279 for the Chromebox and £379 for the updated Samsung Chrombook in the UK.

Will you be buying a chrome device? What are your thoughts on Chrome OS? Tell us in the comments below!