Xbox 360 Getting Skype Intergration

Skype for Xbox 360

Skype for Xbox 360

Microsoft acquired Skype nearly seven and a half months ago for $8.5 Billion, but the software giant is yet to roll out the awesome service onto its key services, especially the Xbox 360. And it is thought that Microsoft will be adding the video calling service to the Xbox 360 as early as 2013.

The Xbox 360 still doesn’t have a Skype client, Sony’s new PS Vita does.

There is Skype for Windows Phone but according many users and critics is isn’t as good as its desktop equivalent.

But Skype will be built into Windows 8 when it launches, so hopefully the Xbox engineering team will buck there ideas up and release it to the Xbox 360.

[Source: Pocket-lint]


2 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Getting Skype Intergration

  1. I have got windows phone from HTC but didn’t tried video calling so i can’t say anything about it.If skype does come to the Xbox 360,i really will don’t need a laptop as all of the features like internet explorer and skype are coming to it…

    • Yeah but with a laptop you can do word processing and checking email, so you will still need one but the video calling from WP7 handsets isn’t that great but is being worked on. Skype from the xbox will be pretty cool in my mind.

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