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Windows 8 is Microsoft’s next big operating system. The main thing that Microsoft has been working on is the infamous Metro UI. With the Release Preview that dropped in late May, Google has given users the chance to test out the metro version of Google Chrome in an upcoming release on the Chrome Dev Channel.

Google confirmed that is was working on Chrome for Windows 8 back in March and with the release of Windows 8 on the horizon, The Chromium Blog has released a screenshot depicting of what the metro version of Google Chrome will look like.

Metro Google Chrome
Metro Google Chrome (Source: Chromium Blog)

The initial release of Google Chrome for Windows 8 will include integration with some features of Windows 8 such as charms and snap view, and over the next few months they will be “smoothing out” the UI on metro and improving on touch screen support.

[Source: Redmond Pie, Chromium Blog]

Will you be using Google Chrome as your default metro browser of choice in Windows 8? Tell us below!