Facebook App Center
Facebook App Center

Facebook, today launched their app ‘shop’, hosting over 600 Facebook connected apps for Android and iOS.

The App Center is the place to go if you want Web or Mobile social apps or games that connect to Facebook and allow you to play with your friends. On your desktop, visit facebook.com/appstore to see all the compatible apps and games. You can also view the app center on your mobile device through Facebook’s mobile site and the supporting apps.

If your browsing on your desktop or mobile device, the app center will redirect you to the App Store download page, probably through a referral link. If the app is already installed on your device, App Center will simply launch the app and authorise it with your Facebook account.

Facebook App Center on Mobile
Facebook App Center on Mobile (Source: Facebook Newsroom)

The App Center was launched today in the U.S and it is expected to be rolling out over the world in the next few weeks.

(Source: Facebook Newsroom, App Advice)