WWDC 2012 - Maps Updates
WWDC 2012 – Maps Updates (Credit: The Verge)

Apple today held their first keynote of WWDC, which stands for World Wide Developer Conference, which Apple hold every year and announce new software and potentially new hardware for developers of apps for the mac or iOS platform. Today Apple announce iOS 6 and one of the major changes they have made is replacing Google Maps with their own Maps app, here a list of the features that they announced…

  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Quick route finder – Anonymous, Real-Time, Crowd-Sourced
  • Traffic View
  • Info Cards for locations
  • 100 Million business listings
  • 3D Map View
  • Interaction with Siri (Distance Left, Nearest Re-Fuelling Station)
  • On Screen Notifications

Overall looking at pictures from multiple sources ‘Maps’ looks so much better than Google Maps did and their 3D flyover view, visually looks a lot better but I will not make a definite confirmation when I get my hands on iOS 6 on which I will be covering extensively on TekBloggers.