WWDC 2012 - iOS 6 Features
WWDC 2012 – iOS 6 Features (Credit: Macrumors Live)

Siri Updates

Facebook Integration

  • Facebook login system-wide like how Twitter works.
  • You can talk to Siri to update your status.
  • Facebook is integrated to the App Store, you can “Like” apps, and see what movies, apps, TV, music your friends like.
  • Friends sharing contacts on Facebook automatically shows up in Contacts and Calendar.

Phone App Updates

  • The app now has a button next to the “Slide to Answer Slider”,you can slide up to reply with a message or add a reminder to call back later.
  • “Reply with a message” has built in phrases like “I’m On My Way” or can be custom.
  • Reminders also has built in functions, like reminding you when you leave.

Do Not Disturb Mode

  • When the slider is on – which is located in settings – the screen will never light up or the phone wont make a sound.
  • For notifications and things, you can schedule this. Fine tune who you get a notification from, like from favorite contacts or contacts groups.
  • Slider for repeated calls, second call can come through when turned on if someone calls again inside of 3 minutes.

Facetime Updates

  • Facetime only works on WiFi. Not now, iOS 6 has Facetime via Cellular (3G/4G).
  • Phone number and Apple ID are unified over your iOS 6 devices. If someone calls you with your phone number via Facetime, you can answer on an iOS Device or a Mac.
  • iMessage via Phone Number also goes to iPad and Mac.
iOS 6 Title
iOS 6 Title (Credit Apple)

Safari Updates

  • 2/3 of all mobile web traffic is from Safari on iOS.
  • New feature: iCloud Tabs.
  • New Feature: Offline Reading List
  • Photo Uploads are now available inside of Safari.
  • New Feature: Smart App Banners.
  • Smart App Banners: If you go to your website, you can notify users of your app in the App Store, tapping said banner will take them to the App Store to download or if the app is installed, launch it.
  • The web site can even tell the app what the person was doing, so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Full-screen support in landscape on the iphone Safari.

Photo Stream Updates

  • iOS 6 adds shared Photo Streams.
  • You can easily share photos with friends; choose photos, choose friends, and you’re done.
  • Friends get notifications with photos, and they appear in an album in the photos app, and everyone can comment on photos.
  • This also goes to the Mac via iPhoto, Aperture, Web Browser and the Apple TV.

Mail Enhancements

  • VIP feature. VIP allows you to mark some has a VIP, when you get an email from a VIP, new emails from that person show up like text messages on the lock screen. VIP emails are stared and in a VIP mailbox.
  • Flagged mailbox also available.
  • Easier to insert photos and videos inside of the Mail app, and you can open password protected documents too.
  • Pull to refresh!

New Feature “Passbook”

  • Passbook handles tickets and boarding passes, also store cards like the Starbucks app.
  • Movie ticket apps are included too.
  • Prevents looking through all the apps in your phone for all the different cards and tickets. Passbook combines them to a virtual wallet of thoughts.
  • Intergrates with the lockscreen, and it seems to be GPS enabled.
  • So your ticket or Starbucks card would show up when you visit the theater or Starbucks.
  • When you delete a card it has a really cool shredding animation.
  • All the cards and tickets are live so they change if the gate for your flight changes.

New Feature “Guided Access”

  • Guided access is a tool to help children with learning disabilities use an iPad to learn more indepently.
  • The app lets you circle controls to disable things in the app. And not allow the home button to exit the app.
  • For example, a teacher can assign a class a test and that is the only thing they can do on the iPad.

Maps Updates

iOS 6 is out today in beta for developers, customers will get it later this fall.

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