WWDC 2012 - Siri New Features
WWDC 2012 – Siri New Features (Credit: Macrumors Live)

New Siri Abilities:

  • Siri pulls in sports info from Yahoo, allowing you to get game updates.
  • Sports include Football, Baseball, Basketball, and possibly more. Those were the sports demoed.
  • Siri has also gotten better at restaurant/Yelp integration, offering average price per menu item, reviews and Yelp rating.
  • Siri also partnered with Rotten Tomatoes to watch trailers, etc.
  • You can ask for “movies with Scarlett Johansen” or “movies playing at the HERP DERP theater.
  • And the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Siri can launch apps. Simply say something like “Play Temple Run.
  • Siri will also let you Tweet by voice.
  • Siri may come packaged nicely in a button on some car’s steering wheels. Brands include BMW, GM, Land Rover, Audi, and Honda, among many more.

Siri for iPad:

  • Siri is now available on the iPad.
  • You can access Siri by hold-tapping the home button on the iPad.
  • Siri only takes up a small portion of the bottom half of the screen, popping up with rounded corners and the same blue linen finish as on the iPhone version.

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