WWDC 2012 - Apple's Notebook Lineup
WWDC 2012 – Apple’s Notebook Lineup (Credit: Macrumors Live)

Along with the iOS updates, Apple updated their notebook line aswell as annoucened a new pro level notebook. The Macbooks are “By far the best in the industry.”

Macbook Air

  • The Macbook Air is getting updated with:
  • 3rd gen Ivy Bridge CPU, Up to 2.0ghz i7.
  • Up to 8GB of memory, 1600Mhz.
  • 60% faster graphics.
  • Up to 512GB of flash storage now available, also flash memory is up to twice as fast, 500MBps read speed.
  • USB3 On-board, the USB2 and USB3 are a combined port.
  • Facetime HD Camera
  • No Retina Display, 11inch is 1366×768 pixels.
  • 11 inch and 13 inch sizes.
  • $100 cheaper.
  • Starts shipping today.

Macbook Pro

  • 3rd gen Ivy Bridge CPU up to 2.7Ghz.
  • 8GB 1600Mhz memory.
  • 60% faster graphics integrated.
  • Discrete GPU is now the GeForce GT 650M, 1GB
  • Both USB ports are getting USB 3.
  • 60% faster.
  • Same price.
  • Starts shipping today.
WWDC 2012 - Next Generation Macbook Pro
WWDC 2012 – Next Generation Macbook Pro (Credit: Macrumors Live)


Next Generation Macbook Pro

  • Retina Display.
  •  0.71 inches thin, the same thickness as the Macbook Air.
  • 15.4″ across, pixel density is 2880×1800, 220 pixels per inch, 5,184,000 pixels.
  • Fastest quad-core processors onboard, up to 2.7Ghz.
  • Up to 16GB of 1600Mhz RAM.
  • Next-gen Kepler graphics, GT 650M with 1GB of VRAM.
  • Built around flash storage, 768GB max.
  • SD slot, HDMI, USB3 USB2 combo ports on one side, MagSafe 2, two Thunderbolt ports, another USB3/2, and headphone jack on other side.
  • Glass multitouch trackpad onboard, backlit keyboard, 802.11n WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Facetime HD camera, DUAL Mics.
  • Starting configuration, 15.4″, 2.3Ghz processor, 8GB RAM, GT 650M 1GB, 256GB flash… $2199.
  • Ships today.

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