WWDC 2012 - Mountain Lion
WWDC 2012 – Mountain Lion (Credit: Macrumors Live)

General OS X Updates

  • Over 200 new features.

iCloud Intergration

  • Mountain Lion has iCloud built into the system.
  • Apples apps are conmfigured to use iCloud.
  • All your content is up to date across all of your devices.
  • Document based apps are getting “Documents in the Cloud”.
  • Drag things into the document library on Numbers, Pages and Keynote.
  • Changes updated real time across all devices.

New Apps

  • Reminders
    • Looks similar to iOS apps.
    • Multitouch.
    • Location based reminders too.
    • Syncs with iCloud.
  • Notes
    • Looks just like the iPad app.
    • Syncs with iCloud.
  • Messages
    • Brings iMessage to the Mac.
    • Support for other chat services.

Notification Center

  • Apps have notification banners and alerts like iOS devices.
  • Notification center has a switch to turn of all notifications, if you’re connected to a projecter, they get disabled.

Dictaion coming to the Mac

  • Siri dictation is coming to the Mac.
  • Everywhere on your Mac, you can talk and it types.


  • Sharing is built in system wide.
    • For example, you can send any image to Flickr.
  • The logins for these services are managed in Settings.
  • Also works in full screen apps.
    • Share a photo to Flickr straight from full screen iPhoto.


  • New unified smart search field, search straight from the adress bar. Just like Google Chrome.
  • iCloud tabs syncs tabs across devices.
  • New Tab View feature. Use gestures to navigate tabs.
  • New scrolling animation, built in core animation.
  • Multitouch gestures for zooming. Zooming out pulls you into the Tab View.
  • Swipe across tabs using multitouch gestures.
  • Pinching out selects that current tab.

New Feature: Power Nap

  • Developing…

Game Center

  • Developing…

Features for China

  • Developing…

Out next month via the Mac App Store, for $19.99.

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