FirefoxAt a recent presentation, Mozilla’s Alex Limi showed off an early prototype of a new browser for the iPad called Junior. Alex called Safari for iPad  “a miserable experience,”, so let’s see what is in store for Junior.Junior takes a completly different approach from traditional browsing, removing the address bar and search field on the main screen, and giving a full-screen experience instead. Key features are still available, clicking the plus button on the right side of the page to access recently visited pages, bookmarks, and a URL/search bar to type into.

The concept for Junior isn’t a bad one. The iPad is built to consume content and having full-screen browsing lets you consume more content. Junior can’t use Mozilla’s engine so it will have to follow Apple’s rules of Web-kit only web browser.

It also has a multiple user accounts feature, which is awesome since the same iPad is usually used by different people.

It will be very interesting to see how well the full-screen experience will work, so don’t expect it to be available for download anytime soon as Mozilla looks like it still has many things to do.

[Source: 9to5mac]