Gmail for IOS Notification Centre Support
Gmail for IOS Notification Centre Support (Source: Gmail Blog)

Google have finally updated their iOS Gmail App with several new needed features. The latest update of the app includes full Notification Center integration with banners, alerts and the ability to view Gmail messages on your lock screen. The notifications are also now 5x faster than the previous version of the application. Software Engineer, Jason Parachoniak says.

The update also includes the ability to have the option to send mail from alternate email addresses.

If you have configured alternate sender addresses in Gmail on your desktop under Settings->Accounts->Send mail as you will see a From: option when composing new messages in the app.”

Finally Google have improved the login process to allow you to stay logged into the app. “You can still choose to sign out of your account, but you won’t be automatically logged out after a certain period of time has elapsed.”

(Source: Gmail Blog)