Google Chrome for iOS
Google Chrome for iOS (Source: Mashable)

At the second day of Google I/O, at the Chrome keynote. Google announced that they will be releasing Google Chrome and Google Drive for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad today.

Google showed off Chrome for iOS on an iPhone and iPad at Google I/O. Similar to the Android Chrome app, users can sync their tabs and open tabs across their devices such as Chrome on their mac or pc and their mobile phone.

Users can also surf the world wide web in “incognito” mode if they don’t want their history to be saved.

In spite of Apple’s very strict rules from developers replacing Safari as the default browser (meaning that links users tap in mail, messages or other apps won’t open in a third-party browser and will always default to Safari), the iOS third-party market is surprisingly robust.

Chrome will be up against Dolphin, Opera and iCab Mobile and I think Chrome will be the top dog when compared against them.

Google is also bringing Google Drive to iOS so users can edit their Google Docs documents on the go on their iOS device.

Chrome for iOS and Google Drive for iOS are currently rolling out in the iTunes App Store [iTunes Links].


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(Source: Mashable)