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Rovio’s newest non Angry Birds title Amazing Alex has finally got a release date, July 12th. We new the release date was sometime in July but now we know the exact date.

Amazing Alex is set to be a smash hit even though it hasn’t been released yet. Today, Rovio uploaded a trailer showing very little in-game footage, it is embedded below.

Amazing Alex Close Up
Amazing Alex Close Up (Source:

The game is a physics-based adventure, a re-invented version of Casey’s Contraptions, with Alex being a ‘whiz kid’ across 4 locations and with free updates being issued regularly. Users can also design and build their own levels using 35 interactive objects and can challenge friends to join in the fun too. Ingeniously some of the puzzles will have more than one solution.

Amazing Alex is scheduled to be released on July 12th, the same day that the Tiny Wings sequel is released. Which one are you getting?

(Source: Phone Reviews)