Tweetbot for Mac Revealed (Source: @markjardine)
Tweetbot for Mac Revealed (Source: @markjardine)

Tapbots, the developers of the hugely popular iOS twitter client Tweetbot today released a public alpha version of the highly anticipated Tweetbot for Mac.

The app has pretty much the exact same design elements as it’s iOS brother – tabs for each twitter function, a beautiful grey-blue design and the awesome sound effects.

Tweetbot for Mac has been under development for the last six months and has proven to be enough of a challenge that Tapbots for the first time added a new member to its team. Developer Todd Thomas was enlisted to “bring Tweetbot to the Mac,” according to the blog post, while most of the underlying code is Haddad’s.

Tweetbot for Mac Screenshot
Tweetbot for Mac Screenshot

As an early alpha, the app is full of bugs so keep Twitter for Mac installed but it does give us a sense of what the app will finally look like when it is released to the Mac App Store.

At launch the app will only work on macs that have OS X Mountain Lion and it will be optimised for the Retina Macbook Pro. iCloud and Notification Centre support will be added when the app launches since the app has to be signed by Apple to have these features. The app will remain in alpha/beta “as long as it needs to be,” Haddad said. “We won’t sell anything short of a quality product.”

Get the Tweetbot for Mac Alpha here.

Direct link to the .zip if the site isn’t loading.

As lots of people are downloading the same file, expect the download to be slow/have a few issues.

In this video below, I take a first look at Tweetbot for Mac.

(Source: Tapbots)