Office 2013 Start
Office 2013 Start (Source: The Verge)

Microsoft released the Microsoft Office 2013 preview today to consumers. Users running Windows 7 or the preview of Windows 8 are able download and test it.

Microsoft is calling its Office 2013 suite a “modern” version of the software that is used on a billion PCs worldwide. The suite is cloud-connected and designed to work well with Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft is also introducing an on-demand subscription version of Office 2013 that can be streamed to any Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC, with the abilty to sync documnets and settings.

Office 2013 Icons
Office 2013 Icons

With strong competition with Google’s Google Drive and Apple’s iCloud sync and the iPad, how will Microsoft compare?

Cloud Connected

All of the suite is cloud connected with Microsoft’s SkyDrive service. Microsoft is really pushing the abilty of starting a document in Word on your PC at home and editing it on the go on your Windows Phone handset, Windows 8 Tablet or other Windows 7/8 PC.

The big innovation with Office 2013 is the streaming capability. Users can stream a full-featured, personally customised version of any Office application to a PC.


With Microsoft’s big push of Windows 8, all of their apps will be turned into the metro style. Office is no exception. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook and Onenote all have a brand new metro-inspired design and feel. The Office ribbon is still there but you can hide it whenever. A new start experience is implemented, with tiles that let your edit pre-made templates to your liking, create new blank documents and locate your recent documents.

Office 2013 - PowerPoint Presentation Mode
Office 2013 – PowerPoint Presentation Mode (Source: The Verge)


Office 2013 is getting social. The company said it’s taking a “broad view” to the social experience, and in the new Office, Yammer, “a secure, private social network for businesses,” is enabled within the software. Skype is being intergrated into the applications and a people card which lets you set-up an address book of sorts with pictures, contact info and activity feeds from LinkedIn and Facebook.


With Widows 8 being more touch based, Office 2013 has touch built in. On a tablet, users can swipe across documents and navigate a presentation in Powerpoint. Users can also pinch to zoomm which you should be familiar with.

Office 2013 - Word
Office 2013 – Word (Source: The Verge)

Microsoft are calling this their “most ambitious release” ever and it shows with all of the awesome features they have implemented. Microsoft haven’t released a pricing plan or any details on Office for Mac but them details should come in the near future, possibly closer to the Windows 8 release.

You can find out more information on Microsoft’s mini site here.

(Source: The Verge, TechnoBuffalo)