OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Mountain Lion (Source: Apple)

The latest edition of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, was released via the mac app store just two days ago. According to Web Tracking firm Chitika, Mountain Lion is running on 3% of all Macs.

After just its first 48 hours on the market, Apple’s new Mountain Lion already accounts for more than 3 percent of Mac Web traffic, according to numbers provided to AllThingsD by Web tracking firm Chitika. – AllThingsD

The upgrade is a 4.05GB download from the Mac App Store and for the price of £13.99 ($19.99) it would be a no-brainer to download and install.

Mountain Lion IconMoreover, based on Apple’s June 2012 announcement that there are currently 66 million Mac users in the wild, we can infer that 2.11 million Mac users downloaded OS X Mountain Lion in the past 48 hours,” Chitika said. “Using this figure, if we assume that 90 percent of these users paid to upgrade, OS X Mountain Lion generated $38 million in revenue for Apple in the past 48 hours.”

(Source: AllThingsD)