iPhone 5 Dock
iPhone 5 Dock (Source: nowhereelse)

With the rumoured September release date of the iPhone 5 nearing, more and more rumours are appearing (I did not mean for that to rhyme). This one is quite interesting. The next iPhone is rumoured to have a smaller 19-pin dock connecter. An image found by french site nowhereelse shows the smaller dock connecter with a metal ring inside it. 

While no-one knows exactly what it is, some people have speculated that it may be used for Apple’s MagSafe technology which is currently found in Apple’s Mac lineup. If this is true, it would give users the ability to put the charging cable in either orientation, making it easier to use accessories as well as charging the phone.

September 12th is the rumoured date for the release of the iPhone 5. Only time will tell.

Next Generation iPhone 5
Next Generation iPhone 5 (Source: iLab)

(Source: TechnoBuffalo, Image)