Found Window - Searching
Found Window – Searching

Today, I have a review of the free Mac application Found. Found is a productivity app that allows you to quickly search for files on your mac as well as cloud services, like Dropbox and Google Drive. The App is a free 2mb download from the Mac App Store (App Store Link).

Found Window
Found Window

To enable Found, you can either press the menu bar icon or double-tap the ctrl key to open the Found window. In the window, you can search your Mac, Google Drive, Dropbox and Gmail accounts for specific files. You just type in your search term and all of the results come up. You can drag these files to your desktop or an email to copy them and attach them. That is certainly the killer feature.

The app does take a while to index your accounts but once that is done, your set. When you have found the file you want, a preview of that file is shown (picture above). It also gives you some information about that file as well, such as the file path as well as the date it was created. The tabs also show you how many files matched your search term.

To add accounts to Found, you can either right-click the menu bar icon or click the setting button in the Found window. This brings up a nice interface:

Found Settings
Found Settings

From this menu, you can chose what folders are searched as well as adding/removing accounts.

Found App IconOverall Found is a very helpful little app. The ability to search your cloud services is great, also the ability to drag and drop files(see video) to your desktop, finder window or email is amazing. You can quickly search for a file and email it off. For a free download it is a no-brainer to get. You can find it in the Mac App Store.

Video Review:

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