Plants Vs. Zombies Screenshot
Plants Vs. Zombies Screenshot (Source: Popcap Games)

Popcap Games, the developers of Plants Vs. zombies, have recently released a press release that reveals that a sequel to the hit iOS title will be coming in the Spring of 2013.

The game is expected to have new plants, zombies and mulch. But the press release wasn’t that full of information. It did however have some quite funny quotes from “denizens” who is in the game.

Spring is crullest curlie ungood time, and plantz grow dull roots,” noted an unidentified spokesperson. “So, we are meating you for brainz at yore house. No worry to skedule schedlue plan… we’re freee anytime. We’ll find you.

EA purchased the company a year ago and it shows after Popcap Games have created some very big iOS titles, like  Bejeweled, Zuma, Peggle, and Bookworm.

(Source: App Advice)