Facebook for iOS 5.0
Facebook for iOS 5.0 (Source: The Verge)

Facebook’s mobile apps are the worst part about Facebook but with this updated to their iOS app may change that opinion. Facebook promises that the update will make the app twice as fast as the old one. 

You’ll now be able to launch the app quicker, access your News Feed instantly, and tap photos without anything coming to a grinding halt. The update to 5.0, which was released on Thursday, is an entirely rebuilt application using Apple’s iOS SDK; it looks the same, but it’s more focused.

Facebook also added lots of new features and tweaks including gesture support that helps with one-handed usage.

With millions of Facebook users and with most of them mobile, Facebook have definitely stepped up their game with their mobile app. Hopefully the update will also come to Android as well. Only time will tell.

(Source: TechnoBuffalo, Image)