Microsoft 2012 LogoAs Microsoft are re-inventing Windows and Windows Phone, but it seems that not done yet After 25 years, Microsoft have created a new corporate logo. It looks like it displays a much more modern image for the company.

It is also the first time Microsoft have added a graphic to the logo. The 4 coloured squares resemble the Windows logo as well as the design of the Windows 8 Start Screen and Windows Phone.

In an interview with the Seattle Times,  Microsoft’s general manager of brand strategy says that the new logo is intended to “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness,” and utilises the Segoe font, a typeface that Microsoft have used in their software for a number of years.

The new logo will be used in future products as well as upcoming TV adverts. The logo is currently rolling out across

Microsoft also created this very cool video that also showcases Microsoft’s new branding for all of their products:

Do you like the new Logo?

(Source: TheNextWeb)