Got Cow?Today I have a review of the iOS game, Got Cow?. Got Cow? is a iOS game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and it similar to Angry Birds: Space. The objective of the games is that you have to launch a rocket from a cow-themed spacecraft and make sure it hits the 3 aliens in the level.

The levels have planets that in turn have gravity, which the rocket will abide to and you have to make sure the rocket avoids the cow that is on said planet but it still has to hit the aliens.

On each level you can get up to 3 stars and there are many achievements in the game to keep you playing.

The game features 60 challenging and different levels, Retina graphics, game center achievements and leaderboards and in-game credits that allow you to buy special items.

Overall Got Cow? is a really interesting game. It is fun to play and and has a similar style to Angry Birds: Space. With many diverse levels the game won’t be getting boring anytime soon. With achievements and the 3-star level mechanic, you will be playing this game for a while. You can get it in the iOS App Store for £0.69 or $.99 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


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