Review: Union Jack INCASED for iPhone 4/4s

Union Jack INCASEDToday I am going to be reviewing the the Incased Union Jack for iPhone 4/4s from The case retails for £17.

The case is made out of a high-quality plastic and snaps onto the iPhone very easily. The Union Jack is crisp and very well printed.

The cut-outs on the case are really good. The mute-switch and volume buttons are easily accessible. The 30-pin dock connector and speakers are wide open for easy access. The lock button and headphone jack are also wide open for easy access. The camera cut-out is pretty good and there are no flash issues.

Overall the Incased Union Jack case for iPhone 4/4s is a really nice case. If you are british this case is a must-have. The cut-outs are great and the design really nice.

You can get this case from for £17.

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