Mac App Review: Bowtie
Mac App Review: Bowtie

Bowtie is a free desktop app that shows what song in currently playing in applications like iTunes and Spotify. The App is fully customizable with different themes and looks.

The app is a free download from, and is very small and lightweight.

Once you open the application, it will appear on your desktop. If you are playing music then it will be displayed.

Mac App Review: Bowtie - Theme Selection
Mac App Review: Bowtie – Theme Selection

When you go into the settings of the application, you can chose the basic options. Like launching at startup and automatically checking for updates. In the second tab of the preferences, you can download dozens of free themes for Bowtie to customise how it looks on your desktop.

The themes are quick to download and apply and many of them are designed very nicely. Some themes offer the ability to show controls and the album art and others just show the name an artist of the song that is playing.

Overall, Bowtie is a very nice and little desktop application that is just there. It is on of those apps that seem pointless but turn out to be very helpful. You can Bowtie for free at

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