September 12th Apple Media Event Invite

Hi Everybody I would just like to post about my expectations for the iPhone 5 event tomorrow. As you may know already that there is an event on tomorrow and you can expect to report on the news as it is released. So I have a lot of expectations and here is just 6 of them:

1. Obviously the new iPhone 5 – I am really expecting a bigger screen. This rumor has been about for at least 2 years I would love to see a bigger 4 inch screen to compete with other phones of this standard. I also think Apple will put a A5x in this beast or introduce A6.

2. New updated iPod line – I think the iPod Nano could do with a new redesign and the iPod touch should be brought up to specs of at least the iPhone 5

3. More of iOS 6 – We were shown a bit of this at WWDC but we should expect some updates and maybe a release date.

4. New Apple Apps – This is usually what Apple likes doing on these sort of events.

5. Update on Siri – New commands with iOS 6 and cool demonstrations.

6. Finally (One Last Thing) – It’s about time Apple did one last thing in a event – It is always a nice ending. I would love to see a iPad mini to compete with Smaller tablets or a iPhone mini. Both of these have been rumored for years and its about time Apple started doing a iPad or iPhone line up just like the iPod line up.

Well those are my expectations on the event. In the future I would love to see updates to iLife and iWork by hopefully that will come in the close future.

Apple September 2012 Event Coverage Banner