It appears that Apple’s website team just can’t wait for today’s Apple Event to unveil the new iPhone. A simple search on confirms that the new iPhone will be indeed called the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Search
iPhone 5 Search (Source: 9to5mac)

9to5mac reports that a simple search query – ‘iPhone-5″ displays a website link to a future press release for the new iPhone. The link takes you to a 404 error page but it probably will the minute Apple announces it.

But there is more. 9to5mac could also find similar press release links for the new iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The links don’t work, but it seems that Apple couldn’t wait any longer.

iPod Touch and iPod Nano Search
iPod Touch and iPod Nano Search (Source: 9to5mac)

Another search query also details the release of iTunes 11 today as well.

Apple September 2012 Media Event Coverage

(Source: 9to5mac. Via: The Next Web)