Google's 14th Birthday Doodle
Google’s 14th Birthday Doodle

Google, the website that you visit at least once a day, today turned 14 years old, and celebrated by customising the Google homepage with an animated doodle.

Fourteen years ago two men who met at Stanford University created a search engine that would revolutionise the way in which we talk about, let alone use, the internet. Those two men were Larry Page and Sergey Brin and their creation was of course Google.

If you visit the Google homepage today, you will briefly see a virtual birthday cake that spells out Google.

After a few seconds, the fourteen candles on top of the cake get blown out, and then the cake gets devoured to reveal another Google Logo. The candles are also laid out to show how old the search engine is.

After 14 years, Google remains to be the most popular search engine and it seem like that is still going to very popular for at least few more years.

(Source: Pocket-Lint)