Medal of Honour Warfighter Open Beta
Medal of Honour Warfighter Open Beta (Source: Xbox Marketplace)

If you play on Xbox 360 you can now get access to the Open Beta of Medal of Honour Warfighter. You can get it for free on the Xbox Marketplace.

Here is the description of the game:

Fight alongside the most elite Special Forces units in the world in the Open Beta. Create a two man squad of death, your FIRETEAM, and fight together for rewards. Take to the battle in one of the unique, real world terrorist hotspots in the only authentic modern military shooter this holiday. Plow through shrapnel, debris, fire, and more as the Frostbite 2 powered multiplayer frenetically connects you to the battle.



Overview Trailer:



You can add the open beta to your Xbox download queue here.

(Source: MajorNelson)