Google Oct. 29th Android Event Invitation
Google Oct. 29th Android Event Invitation (Source: TechnoBuffalo)

Today, Google released invitations to an Android-focused media event that is scheduled to be held on October 29th.  The invitation tagline reads: “The playground is open”, what does that mean?

Google is rumoured to announce Android 4.2, which will likely be the main announcement at the event. One report, suggested that the next update will focus heavily on customizing the user experience, with insistence on better Google Now and a brand new Customization Center. Also, Android 4.2 will reportedly include Project Roadrunner, which is engineered to make Android devices not to gobble down the battery as quickly.

It will be interesting what Google show off as Apple is holding an event just a week and half earlier, where they are set to introduce the iPad Mini. Additionally, it would be a good opportunity for Google to finally announced a 32GB version of their flagship 7-inch Nexus 7.

Moreover, this would also be a good place to announce the new Nexus devices. LG seems to be the manufacturer for the next generation of Nexus-branded handsets, with rumours of Sony helping out as well. It is likely, that we will see many “pure android” devices at the event – running Android 4.2. This would give Google an edge to knock the iPhone 5 out of the top sport for this holiday season.

(Source: TechnoBuffalo)