Apple Packaging Dock Patent
(Source: Patently Apple)

With Apple not producing an official dock for the iPhone 5, it’s good to see that a new patent from the company isn’t completely finished with the dock idea.

Patently Apple reports that Apple have recently filed a patent detailing a new form of packaging for iOS devices that would transforms into a dock, literally.

As pictured, the concept loos very similar to Apple’s current iOS device packaging. But when the lid is removed, the base can be converted into a dock that could hold something like an iPod Touch or iPhone.

The packaging could also be resized to fit something like the iPad.

While this idea sounds like it would word great, it seems like it has to be something to be seen in person. Even though there isn’t an official first-party dock for the iPhone, accessory manufactures have quickly developed their own.

(Source: App Advice)