As of today, Monday 19th November, Apple have now approved over 1 million apps to it’s iOS App Store – according to Appsfire – a mobile app discovery platform.

Appsfire says that 493,298 of these app submissions are for paid apps and 158,848 were gaming apps. Over 736,000 of these apps are now live and available to download for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. But the rest of them have either been taken down due to copyright or by the developers themselves.

Apple does post press releases quite often, but it is unlikely for the company to post one for this feat because of the amount of apps that have been removed.

The Cupertino based company released the iPhone in 2007, then the App Store one year later. It took them over a year to get 100,000 apps into the store, but now the store boasts a huge 700,000 collection, with 250,000 specifically for iPad.

(Source: Mashable)