Gmail today announced even more integration with other Google services, you can now send files up to 10GB in size using Google Drive.

A new button in the email compose window will give users the ability to attach a file from their Google Drive rather than manually uploading a file.

Once it is attached Gmail will check if the recipient is allowed to view the file in your Drive account. If their aren’t, Gmail will show a window so you can grant the required permission, then it will send the email.

The feature only works if you either press the button and attach a file or paste a Google Drive link into the email.

Since you’re only essentially linking to a file, you can then update it in the cloud and the recipient can click the link again and then view the updated version. Like other services, you can also attach a Drive document, and you both can collate your ideas and update the same document in the cloud – rather than manually sending multiple different versions.

Microsoft also offers this kind of service with Outlook and SkyDrive.

Each Google Drive user is given 5GB of space, but if you want to send or store larger files you will have to purchase the required amount of space.

(Via Mashable)